May 31, 2007

Thank's Ace, Now I hate Rachel Lucas too.

LauraW actually posted the comment, so kudos to Laura.

And there's the actualy post by Ms. lucas herself.

I just want to take the time to make my own list of things that women can do to not screw up any relationship that -they- might be in. Because, if you look at the divorce rate and the cause of the rise, women are pretty much the *bleepin* problem when it comes to relationships these days.

1. Do not assume that your man is an idiot. - I cannot stress that enough. If you are one of those chicks who constantly think that men are nothing but slobbering animals then I can assure you that you will be single most or all of your life. Men sense "Man-Hate" and will snuff it out of their lives in whatever fashion they need too. This includes leaving your whiny, complaining, hyper-opinionated arse on the side of the road somewhere.

2. Do not continuously say things that start with "I wish" - Honestly, no man cares what you wish would happen. Women constantly assert their wants and needs through a series of cryptic "I wish" comments that serve no purpose other than grating on the mans last nerve until he either snaps or does what is wanted out of the sheer nescessity of keeping themselves sane. "I wish you had abs like him", "I wish you were a little bit more thoughtful", "I wish you were a little more in tune with my feelings." Oh yeah? Well, I wish you would dress up like a cheerleader and do routines for me everytime my team makes a touchdown during the season.

3. Do not complain when the man chooses a place to eat that you do not like when he has given you every chance in the world to pick the restaurant yourself. - There is not one man, whom has ever dated, that has not run in to this issue.
Man: Where would you like to eat honey?
Woman: Ohhh, i don't pick.
Man: Oh, we both know thats not true. Just pick a place.
Woman: Ohhh, you pick. I can't decide.
Man: Ok, well then we'll just eat <insert restaurant name>
Woman: Whatever....just eat there.
Man: *Bwuh?*
If you wan't to assure yourself that you and he will both be argueing by the end of the night then by all means....go right ahead and be fickle.

4. If you have children: Do not expect your new man to immediately love your children. Chances are...he doesn't. - If your dating a man who has no children and you, the woman, have already had a child or two then it is bad form to think that this new man should immediately love your little rug rats. Especially if your children are of the "insanely overactive" variety. Men like peace, tranquilty, and alone time in their courtships. If you throw a kid in the mix then expect to have issues. Some men will look at this a chance to win over your heart, but many will just look at this as a wall between you and them. Remember, Guys' want to date -you- and not your entire family.

5. Publicly patronizing a man will ruin your night. - You and your girlfriends might think it overly cute to talk about your guy like he is some 5 year old floating through life as you know it, but that slight chuckle and nervous look he might get doesn't mean he thinks your little action is cute. Oh no, it means that anything worthwhile that he might have had planned has just been cancelled and your butt is eating at McDonalds.

6. Sex isn't always about you. - It's not. Really. I shouldn't have to explain why it isn't considering the obvious, but "you're not the only ones present during the act". So, how about showing your men some special attention for all the hard work their doing trying to jump through hoops for you ladies.

7. If you act like a whore then your going to be treated like one. - Face it! If men know of your promescuity then they will treat you exactly how you've been acting. If you walk around showing it all off like your waiting for your chance to be on the next Girls Gone Wild video then you can pretty much bet that the guy will just assume your not exactly the one to "bring home to show off to the parents"

8. Do not mention anything feminist or feminist driven in your opinions. - I know I know....the feminist movement was such a good thing back in the sixties (I think) but men didn't want to hear about it then and they really don't want to hear about it now. Men and Women are different and most Men, unlike the feminazi's today, realize this. There is nothing worse than being out at a dinner and having some woman start spouting off about the oppresive patriarchy that is the world today.

9. Men don't really care about your friends. - We don't. We want to date you, but not your friend who you've known since second grade. Unless she's hot and nicer than you. Then we might want to date her instead.

10. Do not complain about a man's home. - Men can be sloppy. Except those metrosexual types, but those aren't really men anyways. It's not that we are slobbish or's just that we procrastinate alot. Before you entereted in to that world that the man has kept so seperate from you it was a quiet and safe place for him. If you criticize the mans home then you are criticizing him and you, who should be thankful that he actually took the time to try and court you, will probably find yourself on the fast track back to single life.

11. Lastly, if you have an opinion please remember that it's probably best that you never ever ever say it aloud. - Not that women shouldn't be allowed to speak their mind or anything. I like a woman who is firm in what she believes, but many times the woman will try to assimilate you in to switching your firm belief in to one she deems acceptable. This is an experiment that every woman has tried and failed to perform. Men are men and women are women. You cannot change a man's mind just to suit your vision of what you feel that man should be.

The moral of this list? Well, that's up for you to find. I'm sure that any woman that comes across this list will think i'm some sort of patriarchal tyrant, but my wife would be quick to disagree with you. Now, go out there and have fun. Oh, and Ms. Lucas? How about trying to date the old fashioned way and quit trying to find love through your computer screen. It's been shown that actual physical interaction shows the best results.

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The Suface : I freakin' want one -now-

This is probably the coolest thing I have seen in a loooong time. It's called "Surface" and it uses a whole mess of mini-cams and sensors to create something way more advanced than a touch screen. I like to think of it as a "grab" screen instead.

Very high tech....can't wait for the consumer model.

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May 24, 2007

FDA: Gay men still banned from giving blood.

Gee, I wonder why.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that ever since the disease was first documented back in the earliest 1980's that Homosexuality and those who live that type of lifestyle have been the ones who have 1) been hit the hardest with the disease and 2) have been the spread of the disease.

I'm sure I could sound off the names of the first six men involved and a certain canadian homosexual flight attendant that they, and a reported 44 other persons, were tied too, but I'm sure any lefty on this site would be quick to call me a bigot.

I don't care.

I'm glad for the decision and I hope that the life-long ban stays as long as as it's name implies: For Life.

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May 17, 2007

House Dems actin' like whores

Not really, but they don't mind if your children act like one.

Looks like the Democrats are going to cut funding to the second largest Abstinance program. Yay.

What I don't understand is why people can't get behind the idea of Abstinence. I figured teaching young adults that sexual activity should be saved until marriage and that Abstinence is the only sure way to keep from getting all those nasty rampant STD's out there, but I guess the democrats just don't care about that.

Then again these are the same group of people who time and time again throw "AIDS awareness" events (as if there was one person out there who didn't know what AIDS was) and only bring up the topic of how it can affect Heterosexual people. Despite the history that shows that it began, and has continued to flourish in the Homosexual community while the Heterosexual community has remained a small percentage.

A similar study back in 1987 showed the exactly same thing, but the liberals then refused to talk about Abstinence and the possibility that Homosexuality was an unhealthy life-choice, but instead they got the courts to make contraceptives available to anyone instead of married couples. The AIDS epidemic spread and the pregnancy rate skyrocketed shortly after that decision, but whatever....they don't see their own screw ups in history now do they.

So, here goes another perfectly good program and it will be tossed to the wayside by those Democrats whose motto is obviously "Whore it up! but at least wear a condom"

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May 16, 2007

Please :STFU

Here's the Mistress of Hate Speech herself.

Most of the time I just ignore all of the incoherency of the sobbing, helpless folk over at Pandagon, but every now and then one of them flails wildly and strikes a nerve.

I think it's kind of ironic that the left continues to point the finger at Conservatives and The Right and screaming "BIGOT! HATE-SPEECH!" yet when a man dies they can't wait to lynch his not-yet-cold body down the street. Why did they jump at the opportunity to fire off about the death of a man such as Jerry Falwell?

Because Jerry Falwell said things (mostly true) that offended them. He was a Christian Evangelical who told the left where their faults were and they didn't like it. Typical reaction from the Godless liberals who hate Christ and his followers so much. Shame on them and their vitriolic hatred.

You are wrong Ms. Marcotte, for Jerry Falwell has entered in to the Kingdom of Heaven and now spends the rest of his eternal life with the Savior (Jesus Christ) whom he had served until his passing. I hope and pray that God will help the family through their time of grieving. Their loss has been great.

As for you Amanda, let me remind you of some scripture you should think about some time. "Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?" Matthew 7:16

I'm not going to decipher the verse for you. Why don't you spend time with the Bible for once and find the answers for yourself. You might learn something.

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Fred Thompson rocks

That's Fred's video response to Michael Moore's invitation to have a "debate" and I have to say.....I love the theatrics by this guy. Why this guy is waiting to see if he should toss his hat in the race is beyond me.

If Fred runs....he gets my vote.

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May 15, 2007

Barack Obama is a Communist?

He very well might be!

In a recent comment he made during this circus of a primary he claimed that the Tax cuts that the Bush administration should be rolled back. Well, all of the dems have said it but Barack decided to add a little bit more flavor to win some points in the polls against Hillary.

He said (Paraphrasing here) that "It's OK to roll back the tax cuts on the rich people because they dont need it."

Wait? Where have I heard that before? "From each according to their ability, to each according to their need." Ohh, thats right! That was the basic tenet to the Communist agenda written in the Communist Manifesto. Most Democratic voters are ignorant and will probably think that shaving off the earnings of people who actually work and giving it to the "Less-fortunate" is appropriate for a government action, but allow me to explain NOT ok.

This is just another blatent attack on Capitalism and how "unfair" it is. So, instead of letting the free market decide who wins and who loses in the pursuit of happiness the Dems want the government to step in and start regulating what people need in regarding to money? Nonsense! The rich got that way by working hard or creating a new type of innovative product and the government and/or poor do not deserve a penny of that type of success.

Anyways, Obama is just showing his anti-capitalist side and hopefully the republicans can find a suitable candidate who can smash these Socialist/Communist liberals before they destroy this country.

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May 08, 2007


Well my friends, this is what happens when Animal Activists attack!

NSFW! (Language)

Animal Right Activists Interrupt Hunters - Brought to you by Video Search

Yeah, the language on that video is atrocious, but it is hilarious. That one chick was just tuuuuuggggiiinnnn' on that boat but, in the end, she just got tossed in the river.

Hilarious. The animal rights crowd is all giggles and laughs at the end, but they obviously didn't realize know....they failed.

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Illegal Aliens causing new Migratory patterns?

Yeah, but in people.

Turns out that the coastal cities and border cities are experiencing a dramatic shift in population and demographic change. Why? Because of all those "immigrants" moving in. Actually, the writer bounces all around the opportunity to call them what they really are (illegal aliens) but he does point out that the constant influx of people are sending the current inhabitants running for the hills.


The colored picture (graph?) included in the story is hilarious and yet accurate in it's description. Wherever immigrant populations are starting to increase, so goes the current population fleeing the influx towards the middle of the country. We're not running out of room here.....we just wish the people coming in (the illegal ones) would not come in at all. That way our property values wouldn't plummet and our neighbors would all still speak a language we could all understand.

Oh, well. Read the story....the writer is quite a bit more elloquint than I am.

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Conservatism wins! France?

Well, not really. It is true that Nicolas Sarkozy won the Presidential Election in France AND it is also true that he isn't some ignorant socialist like his opponent Hillary Clin- *ahem* I mean Ségolène Royal.

The guy has been an opponent to the War in Iraq, but has stated that he found Chirac's and Villepin's criticism a bit disconcerting. The guy isn't a 100% true conservative, but he is leaps and bounds better than his predecessor and his opponents were. I mean...the guy advocates the practice of economic freedom and wishes to base a new French economic structure on the American and British standards.

It's not exactly Capitalism since it still involves the government stepping in at times, but it's a step in the right direction. It's good to see the French elect someone who isn't so hard-left for once.

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May 05, 2007

Dems still sneaky as ever, Bush keeps his pimp hand strong

Well, it's not much of a story but it shows that President Bush has just about had it with the idiocy from the Democrats in congress. In lieu of the constant rantings from Harry Reid in the past few weeks about that decision of the Supreme Court concerning Abortion, President Bush has sent a pre-emptive letter, if you will, to the Democrats warning them not to try and sneak in amendments that would weaken the current abortion laws.

Basically, He's going to veto anything that they sneak in to the bills coming up to be debated on if it contains amendments that would make Abortion more accessible, funding it with public money, or weaken the restrictions on Abortion.

Good for him. It's a good step in the right direction and being Anti-Abortion myself I applaud him on it.

Dems need to quit trying to play the political game and go ahead and write that check so the Troops can get their funding. Bush isn't backing down from this fight and the Left needs to understand that.

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May 04, 2007

Even as a Conservative - O'Reilly just pisses me off.

Here's a link to one of his recent rants.

I apologize not being able to give you a nice, convenient little flash quicktime player to click and listen at your leisure. Sorry, but i'm working on it.

On to the subject! Bill O'Reilly, and his debbie-downer attitude, decided to toss some cold water on the gamer population during his "no-spin zone" section of his show. Claiming that the PS3 is responsible for the killing and the social deviancy that has been popping up in the public.

He blames video games for violence. What. A. Tard.

Despite the contant proof that a simulated video epxerience has never initiated a certain type of negative reaction out of anyone people still like to cling on to the usual scapegoats people can blame for their own failings. Instead of PARENTS actually taking an active participating role in the kids lives and connecting with them they have become self-centered and left them in the hands of strangers to bring up their young.

Most, if not all, of the parents whos children have gone and committed atrocious acts seem to act surprised that they had a murderer living under their very same roof. Why? because they don't know who their children are anymore. They, for the most part, don't care what their children feel or experience and most refuse to offer any type of counsel or assistance in dealing with the rougher parts of life that many of these children face.

Parents blame Video games because it's an easy target for them. Why? because it's why they traded their parenting time for. They plop their kids down in front of the tube, the PC or the Playstation so they don't have to deal with the problems of their kids. Video games aren't bad but they aren't suitable baby sitters either. Perhaps if the parents would connect with their kids and try to understand the new generations these solidary lifestyles that each parent and child lives could be brought together to create a newer form of family.

Just my opinion.

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Smiley code test

Ok, The killer veggies will be added later, but the Sour! Excited! and STFU! smileys are a go!

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Emoticon Update - Huzzah

Going to be adding a few Emoticons to the blog to test them out and see how they work. By the way! These emoticons are not my creations (although I am working on my PS Skillz to get mine made) and the credit of each emote added will be updated in this post. Oh, and you can find them on Deviantart.

STFU : STFU made by LeoLeonardo
Killer Bean!   : Made by KillerVegPlz

 : Made by BrokenBoulevard.
: Sour! By. BrokenBoulevard
 : Excited! By. BrokenBoulevard

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Republican Debate - WTF?

Yeah, it really wasn't that much of a debate really. It was a whole bunch of anti-conservative questions and Iraqi war questions that were designed to be silly and non-productive.

Here's a new of the questions and what MY answers would be shall be added in BOLD text. The questions and answers are below the fold.


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May 03, 2007

Coolest War Video Ever

The War In Iraq: A Soldiers Perspective

Probably one of the greatest animations about War that I have ever seen. Told from the perspective of one of the Soldiers in the Iraqi War. One of the greatest narrations I have ever heard. Ever.

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Weekend Vacation - Sucked

Haven't posted anything due to awayness. However, I did pick up the 100 list from TIME.

It sucks. HARD. They list the top 100 most influential people and it includes a list of liberal agenda promoters, communist, and even a few terrorists. Yeah, they even include Osama Bin Laden for some damn reason that I have YET to figure out.

They do call him a troglodyte, which is funny, but didn't mention one time that he is the most wanted terrorist in the world. Wow TIME, you sucked at your job again.

Now that I've got the half-news out of the way I can post funny and cool as @$%^! stuff now.

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