July 31, 2007

You all suck


Other than the fact that the greatest movie this year is being released to DVD today, this is just a crappy day net/news wise.

Oh, and I hate politics now. I'm still going to comment and post on news when it happens. I'll probably even be active politically during the 08 elections, but I am just SO DONE with everything.

So, the format is changing. I'm just going to pick what I want and smash the hell out of it as my name implies. The Hammer will fall on anyone and anything that I randomly throw in my path. Hell, you never know what you may get here anymore. It could be anything from politics to literal videos of paint drying.

Not like anyone reads this crap anyways.

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July 24, 2007

Biggest Douchetool Award goes to.....

A.Whitney Brown.

I'm joining my other bloggers in trying to keep this from being hidden as well. This guys rant appeared on Daily Kos as well and i'm sure it will be deleted from there before long as well. I have screen caps but i'll have to post them up later. I'll have the transcript of the video posted below the "Read More" section.

Do please contact A.Whitney Brown and tell him how much of a douche-bag he is. This type of liberal moonbat hatred for the Military makes me sick and after I get the screen caps up you'll get to see the ridiculous comments made by the "Oh-so-compassionate" lefties.

Thanks to Ace, LGF, Hot Air, and Sinistar for bringing this story to my attention.


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July 23, 2007

Best Lawn care ever

Tiger Time indeed.

I'm sure some harping feminist will start screaming about how degrading this is (here's lookin' at you Marcotte). However, at 65-80 bucks for what....an hour or two worth of work.

Those bikini clad, hard workin' vixen's are bringin' home some serious bacon, AND looking good at the same time.

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New blahhg added again.

It's Cuffy!

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Daily Kos - Trying to cover up their tracks.

The crazy Kos Kids are scrambling around trying to delete a post that seriously shines a light on just how much the liberal left hates the military. Why are known anti-war enthusiasts trying to delete an Anti-military message?

Because they still have to keep up the lie that they "support the troops"

I mean, they obviously don't support them and they will fabricate anything they can to try and damn them, but they have to at least "appear" as if they support them on the outside.

I'm joining the ranks of Ace, LGF, and others to keep the left from hiding this awful post.

The link above links to a screencap of the In Cold Blog's exact post of the same story that Daily Kos put up. "In Clod Blog" has also tried to hide the original post but thanks to my blogger in arms we have captured and saved a screen cap.

Here is Google's cached version: I guess that the Kos kids didn't figure that LGF would get ahold of this.

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July 22, 2007

Music Stuff : Buckethead - Jordan

It's not a video but just that ominous picture of Buckethead with his chicken posse. However, it has one of the greatest guitar pieces playing behind it. The song Jordan by Buckethead. Anyone who has ever played Guitar Hero 2 is familiar with it and their fingers probably scream at the sound.

However, because im a music junkie I wanted to post it for whoever came by so they could listen to it. The Marines should use it as a theme song they play for whenever they march over some enemy town and bring down the good ole American Hammer.

Awwww yeah.

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July 21, 2007

Old People Watch - Byrd tries his best....I think

I'm not sure but somewhere about 15 seconds from the end it seems like he just zones out or something. He's referring to the Michael Vick trial and how the Falcon's star is involved in Dogfights and training dogs to battle to the death and whatnot.

Sure, it is barbaric, but to watch a man as old as methusela shake and rattle his way through it without dying is somewhat humerous.


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The story calls it Anti-Semitism in Great Britain

I call it Islam in Great Britain

Am I wrong? Well, lets check Islam's track record:

1) Stole the lands of Israel away from the Jewish nation claiming it as their own while murdering uncountable numbers of Israelites while stealing the holyland.

2) Walk around all day (not working obviously) screaming about how they hate jews and wish Israel was destroyed.

3) Farfour the mouse - Need I say more?

4) Ahmadenijinejidehad - of whatever his name is. President of Iran and lapdog to the Imam's of his country. Wishes Jews were dead and denies the holocaust.

5) The Ayatollah - How much money you wanna bet that every night they shake their fists towards israel and say "JOOOOOO"S!"

Ok, I added that last one in there for comedy but im willing to bet, in part, that im not entirely inaccurate about that one. European nations (G.B. France, Spain especially) have had a huge influx of Muslim immigrants and AS IF BY MAGIC violence towards the jewish population in those areas spikes drastically.

Coincidence you say? Not I! I think that the muslim immigrants seek out the jewish population (which I must point out do not have a habit of setting fire to things.....unlike muslims) and begin attacking them outright and then claiming they did it for Allah's sake. Of course, Britain will continue to ignore the problem as it gtes worse and hope it goes away, but I guess when the Islamic Caliphate comes knocking on their door one day they'll think back and say:

"DANG! We totally should have help out ole' W. in turning the Middle East in to a calm and peaceful place that holds some sort of non-extremist views.....or at least in to a large parking lot"

I'm sure they wont have time to actually say that as the Muslim hoarde breaks down the doors, but im sure they'll definately be thinking it.

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Procrastination Cat

Procrastination cat

Meh, tired. Harry Potter sucks and so does his ending. Bedtime now.

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July 20, 2007

New Blaahg to mah Blaahg roll

Check out Paleo-Medic whenever you get a chance. He's just started his blog this past week and I can say that it looks to be getting to a good start. Not to mention he was featured by Frank J. at IMAO in a little question email thingy.

The guy's got talent. He claims he killed a cactus and that takes some skill. So, click on over to the guys page and give him some hits.

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July 18, 2007

The Incredible disappearing....sleeping....man?

I mean...YEAH it was boring but good lord. Still, makes you wonder why the guy was removed from the scene all together. I mean...they could have just woke him up, but apparently they just booted him all together.

Think the news execs were wanting Edwards to look good by removing a sleeping man from behind him? Probably. When people start dozing off you don't remove the people sleeping. You start saying something they actually want to hear.

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New Banner Button

It's a link to Solcom. Obviously. Which is a collaborative story written by me and a small group of other people. We've actually been going for quite a few years now and have written numerous full-length stories. If you have time just click the red button at the top and check it out.

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Gun Free Zone - OH NOES!

Yes, I saw this exact clip of the 1/2 Hour, News Hour on IMAO, but because I don't get a million hits a day and my "I give a crap" level is quite low today i'm just gonna post it here and go ahead and keep on not caring about people saying "you ripped that off!"

So, yeah. Suck it, but do please stop by IMAO and check out FrankJ's stuff. He's way funnier than I ever plan to be.

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July 17, 2007

Gaming - 60GB will be available for months

I'm glad that an executive from the AMERICAN market is finally saying something about the Price drop.

I didn't think it was a scam as many people were jumping to the conclusion. It's just a restocking method so they can send out a new SKU. Sure, the new SKU will be the "old" price but your getting wireless built in, 20GB extra storage, Six-Axis, and this one actually comes with a game: Motorstorm. Oh, and a high-def Blu-Ray movie player.

Sooo...let's do some price figuring here.

PS3 80GB SKU with Motorstorm = $599
Wireless Controls = Included in price
Blu-Ray Movie player = Included in price
Motorstorm = Included in price
1080P HD AV output = Included in price
Free Online Service/PSN = Included in price
Bluetooth = Included in price
Wi-Fi networking = Included in price

Wow, get alot of bang for your buck. Let's look at the Xbox 360 and their new hot topic the Elite.

Xbox 360 Elite 120GB SKU = $475
Wireless Adaptor = $100
HD-DVD Add-on = $175
Games = $49.99 Dead Rising (Used - Added this to the list cause it's good)
Xbox Live Gold membership - $50.00 (plus later monthly fees)
Customizable face plates - $20.00 (awesome but expensive)
Does not have Wi-Fi
Does not offer HD-DVD playback without add-on

Sooo...lets do the math shall we?
PS3 - $599 (plus tax) for a complete media system that comes with a game and extra memory. Rumored: To have included rumble with it as well.

360 - $870 (plus tax) if you wanted to use have all that stuff the PS3 has and a faceplate. Except you'd still be paying for the internet service on the Xbox whereas the PS3 is still free.

Wii - Still the cheapest system out there and has some really awesome gadgets that you can get with it. Weak graphical and internal system holds it back as far as "next-gen" games go, but it's still fun. Sure, it'll miss out on games like Halo 3, God of War 3, Heavenly Sword, little big Planet, Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon, Final Fantasy XIII, Metal Gear Solid 4, etc etc etc.

But hey...at least you Wii owners get Beautiful Katamari. As a PS2 owner and PS3 advocate I will surely miss buying Namco-Bandai games  (especially Katamari) at least until they stop playing dirty business.

Anyways, you can see who is going to cost who more. 600 bucks for a loaded down system that comes with a game, or 870 bucks for a watered down system, a bunch of add ons you have to buy, and then you can finally get your game and get online.

Biased? No

I just let my wallet do the talking.

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I know why Michael Moore wants free-healthcare

I know why he is so passionate about Free Health-care. Obviously it's because he is morbidly obese and his mental stability is deteriorating at such a rate that it can no longer be calculated...not even by supercomputers. I just wonder what his own personal bills and costs to the Health-care are. I'm sure his inevitable heart attack or stroke from to much cholesterol has him worried.

I still have to point out that he is still wrong in his assumptions about how Medicare and Medicaid are wonderful programs and work brilliantly. I married a Doctor so I know for a fact that they hate Medicaid patients. Why? It's not because they don't get paid, but because the amount of mandated time the government program allows is severely limited and only pays for so much. Whereas a privately owned and paid for plan will cover just about anything (obviously as long as you have the money) the government program will severely cripple diagnosis, prognosis, therapy, and rehabilitation time.

It uses a god-awful point system to appoint how much time is allowed. Kinda like those character status points you get to distribute when you level up your character in an MMORPG game, and just like in a game....you can run out of points.

Except this isn't a game were talking about....it's your own personal Healthcare. I'm sure Michael Moore doesn't like people talking about all the people dying in Canada while still waiting for their appointments or treatments, or the fact that Canadians actually come across the border to have their Health needs handled by private doctors in America. Oh no....he wouldn't dare say that.

That wouldn't help his morbidly obese ego.

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July 16, 2007

N. Korea has shut down Nuclear Reactor

We've been down this road before, but maybe now it will stay down.


I'm sorry if I seem a little wary to believe that N. Korea is completely denuclearizing, but we've heard this all before. They claim to do something, then a few months later it turns out they were just lying and trying to find a back door method to getting around the nuclear watchdogs.

Personally, I hope it's true and the Gargoyle (read: Kim Jong Il) has lost his sole reactor and ability to enrich uranium. I really hope that he is finally complying with the UN's demands and is trying to NOT be a thorn anymore. However, I just don't feel totally convinced. Either way.....everyone will still be keeping an eye on him regardless.

Now, if we could just get Iran to behave everything would be alllll gooood. However, I doubt the same methods work on crazy muslims than the ones that work on narcissistic-yet-very-tiny wannabe dictators.

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July 13, 2007

Gaming - Little Big Planet. Holy Crap

Little Big Planet is a game exclusively for the PS3. You can create your own worlds and share them online. It boasts complete freedom in creation allowing you to incorporate pictures you have and use cameras to integrate things. By the look of the trailer I think that Sony has a pure winner on this one.

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Gaming - Microsoft admits all 11.6 Xbox 360's sold are defective

Wow, I guess jumping the gun by a year really came back to bite them didn't it.

I refuse to verbally berate MS for making a shoddy product, but I will say that karma is a...well...you know. I remember the holiday season back when the 360 first appeared and going in to my local gaming stores and having every pimple-faced clerk try and sell me one of them. Posters everywhere stating "The NEW King is here" and "Welcome to the Real Next Generation" were starnig me right in the face just assuring me that the 360 was indeed "the next best thing".

Boy, that was the best 400 bucks I never spent.

Software giant admits there are 11.6 million faulty consoles, which it will have to fix.

Microsoft has admitted that every one of the 11.6 million Xbox 360 consoles sold in the past 19 months suffers from a design flaw that could cause the device to fail. 

The firm will extend the warranty coverage from one to three years to compensate consumers, but does not plan to instate a recall or exchange program.


Now, I can't be totally biased against the 360. It does have some amazing games that it can boast about, but you know.....if your system has more down time than game time then it really isn't worth the money. Besides, my disdain towards the system doesn't stem from the box itself, but mainly from their douche-hole executive team.

Sorry, but when I hear megalomaniac comments like "I won't be happy until I have Ken Kutaragi's* letter of resignation framed on my desk." I just think to myself wow, these guys are a bunch of pricks.

Not to mention that MS isn't even going to implement an exchange or recall program. So, that basically means that if it's broke it's staying broke and if yours dies then you don't get a shiny new one.....your still getting one of the refurbished ones, and there isn't any guarantee that it wont die either. Microsoft never was a company that had the good reputation of ever fessing up that they screwed over people or taking steps towards compensating customers who have the woe of being a victim to hardware/software failure.

So, for me.....I guess i'll just stick to buying a Wii and a PS3.

Sorta Related: Microsoft has to fix a bunch of bugs from Windows Server.

Turns out that IBM found a nasty hole in the system where a hacker could just waltz the heck up in your server and own your system. 8 critical security measures not being met. At this rate I might be tempted to buy a Mac.

Or not.

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July 12, 2007

Miss NJ and a scandal....I think

Here's the story

I saw the pictures this morning on the Today show and they were as benign as one could get. They
weren't lewd or scandalous at all. Worst. Blackmailer. Ever.

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Shocking - U.N. involved in another scandal

Blog thread heavy laden with sarcasm.

I mean...I could say something really witty like "Why am I not surprised" but it's just so out of control over there now that verbally berating them wont do any good anymore.

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