April 27, 2007

Senior Al-Qaeda leader captured and held in Gitmo

Ace has the entire story on his site, which in turn links to fox for the whole article.

I, however, am too lazy to do all the hard stuff right now, but it seems that we are holding Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi in Guantanemo Bay.


Looks like the pentagon report also ties this schmuck in with Iran as well. I'm sure this will be swept under the rug by the Dems since they have already said they dont believe ANYTHING that comes from their own military.

Those silly dems. They wont believe the actual generals on the ground, but they believe those truther groups who havent figured out how fire melts steel. I could explain it to you, but anyone who reads this blog (and thats very FEW I suppose) has already figured that whole process out anyways.

Anywho, off tangent and now bored with typing. Ace questions the timing (sarcastically mind you0 but I just think the timing is wonderful.

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MSM : Economy Lowest in 4 years????

I question the timing personally.

I mean...didn't we just have this big ole news break the other day that the DOW had just broke the coveted 13,000 mark and continued to rise?? Oh, my bad....I should have figured that the MSM couldn't let all that good news get everyones hopes up. No no no....they had to bring us down.

However, they did it with a section of the economy that basically shot it's own self in the foot. On both the consumer and the provider sides respectively. How so you ask?? Let me tell you.

The housing market is being flooded with a large number of empty homes because of two MAJOR reasons.
1) Developers are building homes and pricing them at levels high above what the average joe is willing to pay for. They tried to pander to a demographic to get more money for less, but it kinda backfired on them.

You can't sell a 1800 sq.ft. home for $225,000 And expect someone to come rushing along and buy it. The materials aren't worth that much and plus, it isn't feesible considering you were selling 2600sq.ft homes just 10 years earlier for less than $100,000. People will only be squandered out of the hard earned cash for so long before they stop buying in to a market thats trying to swindle them.

2) The people that DID go buy homes were too stupid to figure out that it would cost them alot of money. They went out and got loans that they should have known they would never be able to pay back. Not to mention that alot of these people that went out and spent money like it was going out of style were also starting to have kids at the same frequency. Plus, the rise in the number of "shacking up" couples that didnt get married and then bought a home didnt plan for the eventual break up and then....the eventual selling of said home. Divorce rates, bankruptcies, flux in the pricing, material costs, and overall bad decisions crippled the home market.

So, this is what it comes down too. You have stupid people buying houses from stupid developers. I wasn't even an economics major (although economics was a high note for me) and I saw the eventual collapse of the housing market at the rate it was going.

However, just because the housing market is falling doesnt mean the economy is bad. The article claims that we had the weakest increase of only 1.3% but they fail to mention that the economy hasn't taken a step back, but only took a baby step forwards in certain areas.

We didn't lose anything. We just didnt gain as much as we liked.

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The Democratic Debate was blamealicious!

Yeah, that whole democratic debate that got less ratings than the rerun of south park last night was riddled with the whole "We blame teh BOO$H" and they didn't waste any time bringing out the Iraq War either.

Actually, here's the real scoop on the debate. CRAP.

There, now that you know it was probably the most boring and contrived piece of television I had ever witnessed you can just rest easy if you were worried that because you missed it something miraculous happened. Nope, nothing miraculous....just watch the review on every news channel this morning.

Oh, Obama did forget that Israel was our ally and had to be prompted to remember. That was pretty funny though.

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April 26, 2007

Hilarious : Bob the Builder steals an ATM

Thieves Use Bobcat To Steal ATM

I really don't know what to say really. I mean....it was a freakin bobcat stealing an ATM. Stupid criminals sure are silly

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Freaky: Domestic Felines preparing for battle

Bring it on you leftist douchebags!!

       "I'm coming for ya! Ya bunch of cave dwelling worms!"

What can I say? When domestic felines are more patriotic and ready for war than the average democratic leftist...well....then you can be sure that they've hit rock bottom.

Still, you have to admit it's element of surprise. AQ and their ilk would never see a sword weilding cat coming. Not by miles.

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Richard Gere in trouble?

Well it seems that another Hollyweird veteran has gotten himself in to some trouble. Although this time the reason is retarded and Gere didn't do anything wrong.

He's actually the victim of religious absolutism.

Apparently he missed some Bollywood actress on the cheek and just kind of hammed it up in front of the camera. Nothing wrong. NOT A THING WRONG! However, in India that is deemed an obscene and inappropriate act in public and falls under the term "criminal offense". Wow, you mean to tell me that Christianity isn't behind this censorship? I thought Christianity was considered the most biggoted and strict religion ever?

I guess the left doesnt have anything really to comment on this since they can't take shots at Christianity. Oh well, cant believe im saying this, im actually coming to the defense of Gere. The guy didn't commit a criminal offense. India just has donkified ignorant laws.

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Baldwin says he wouldn't care if he never acted again.

Yeah, we wouldn't care either.

What's really sad is that I used to think this guy was at least funny and entertaining despite the fact he is a liberal douche, but the more I read up on him the less I like him and the more I despise myself for laughing at his jokes.

I am, of course, speaking of his skits on SNL. That abyssmal show "30 Rock" is just plain awful and how it got a second season is beyond fathomable belief. I've seen the ratings.....they weren't spectacular by any measure.

Anyways, he also claims that he might leave the country. Huzzah! Maybe he'll take Rosie with him and then they can revoke their citizenship so they wont ever have to worry about coming back. Ahh...oh well. One can dream.

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New Comic to the Sidebar

I added the comic Day by Day by Chris Muir to the Sidebar. I also added his homesite link in the "Nescessary Reading" section as well.

I like his stuff and since it has gone far enough to ruffle the feathers of the liberal crowd over at Pandagon I thought i'd add it here as well.

Read and enjoy. Do please visit his site and check out his older comics as well.

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April 25, 2007

Rosie is the epicenter of suck

Poetry contest thanks to Ace.

The fat hideous blob that is Rosie constantly posts random and totally incoherent "poems" on her blog. They are a constant target of criticism and not just because her rants are objectionable and are filled with tin-foil hat conspiracy.

Mostly because she molests the english language and does to grammer and spelling what Sanjaya did to music.

Annihilates it. completely, fully, utterly.

Anyways, click the link and read for some hilarious stuff. Be warned...some of it is graphic. In a funny way, but you get the picture.

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Good news and Great news.

the Dow finally hit the remarkable and coveted 13,000 mark today. The MSM can't enjoy themselves for a second though and had to talk about how the housing market is plummeting.

That's because houses cost to much. Builders and developers have a surplus and still expect people to pay 300,000 for a 2600 sq.ft home?

I wonder why it's plummeting...hmmm... Anyways. Wallstreet is still rolling.


Rosie O'Donnell is leaving The View after just one season. Can't say I didn't see this coming, but I must say it happened way later than I had originally predicted it. Rosie says "she quits" but other sources say she was fired and/or refused another year in her contract.

I'm sure that vitriolic curse filled rant at that womens event had NOTHING to do with it. Dropping the F-bomb and grabbing your fat, non-talented crotch in front of a bunch of high school girls is a no-no and im pretty sure thats a good reason as any to actually fire the talentless hack.

Still, she claims she quits, but whatever....it doesnt REALLY matter does it? She's gone...huzzah.

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New planet found.

Yeah, a new planet was found and scientists think it's hospitable. It didn't take 24 hours before the UFO tin-foilists were out and about going "WE ARE NOT ALONE!!"

Right, and there has been SO much proof of that hasn't there >_>.

Anyways, the "This will crush faith as we know it" crowd is also starting to chant their mantra's so i'm pretty sure i'll be tired of hearing about Gliese (the new planet...what a stupid name) by the end of the week.

Nth out.

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April 24, 2007

Hamas says cease fire is over, blames on Israel

I'm actually surprised that it lasted as long as it did.

Still, five months later here we are watching Hamas lob rockets at Israel and then turn around and say "It's Israel's fault". Really?

Palastinians are donks. Really.

I mean, it obviously doesn't matter that they call themselves a name that isn't rightfully theirs AND try to say that the land of Israel (which NEVER belonged to them) is rightfully theirs as well.

Donks. Every. Single. One of em'

The MSM hasn't really covered this at all because they are still trying to shove the Psy-Choad (thanks ace) and his idiotic rantings and killings through your television screen. I'm sure when Israel rightfully retaliates against the attacks they'll finally get around to covering it and they will probably try to paint Israel as the bad guy.

Like they did last time.

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April 23, 2007

Not News : Just @#$%*^'n great

It's completely random, but I REALLY don't care. Now, excuse me while I go throw stuff around in some totally awesome headbanging fashion for the next three or so minutes. The site's been somber lately so im livening it up with his gem.

More fun stuff to come.

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April 20, 2007

The Second Amendment discussion

Tom Plate is a bumbling, liberal idiot.
Who obviously doesn't understand the reason why the Writers of the Constitution placed the second amendment in there.

 Ted Nugent, on the other hand knows what he is talking about. He understands that the right to bear arms is to protect yourself and others. You know...to prevent things like the VA tech massacre from happning.

Gun-Free zones are a danger to the people who live in them. The only people who are gun free are the people who abide by the laws. The evil criminals, who you know...dont care about the law, wont care if its a gun-free zone. They will take advantage of those who are unarmed.

The second amendment is important and it must be protected.

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Harry Reid betrays his country and the troops in service.

Harry Reid's betrayal against the America.

Treason (Tree-sun) - Giving aide and comfort to the enemy in a time of war.

Traitor (Tray-tohr) - 1)A person who betrays another in cause or trust
                                  2)A person who commits treason against his country.

Before anyone chimes in: We are at War. Don't try to say that we aren't because I have heard the Liberal left call this thing the "war in iraq" for the last 3 years. Even the left has acknowledged we are at war, so Reid has no excuse for saying what he said.

You decide if the man's guilty of betraying the country. However, to me it sure sounds like he is.

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April 19, 2007

A crime too heinous to fathom

The Mainstream Media (MSM) refuses to cover it. Obviously because the victims and the attackers are the wrong colors. The attackers were black, five of them, and the victims were a white male and his girlfriend.

Both victims died in the most horrible way I have ever heard described.

 Ace has the whole story and he also has a link to the actual page that covers it. I warn you now....it's one of the most disturbing murders I have ever heard about.

Here's a list of the atrocities commited in the crime. Rape, Castration, torture, incineration, chemical ingestion were all present in this crime. I can say no more.....I am going to vomit now.

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Updated RSS Feeder

Altered the size and switch the feed in which it pulls news from.

I set it to FOXnews instead of Joystiq so that actual news from around the world will spool in instead of gaming news. Don't fret what few gamers might read this. I will still have gaming news on occasion.

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Not going to post it, so don't think or ask it.

I'm not going to post any of the pictures or video of Cho Seung-Hui's little Tarentino-esque makeover that he gave himself in between his shooting spree.

The loser was a evil whacked-out moron and basically created all of this visage of how he wanted people to think of him. He wanted to seem dangerous and strong, but he wasn't. He was meek, quiet, cowardly, and does not deserve anymore air/net-time ANY longer.

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300 spoof-spree!

This is Madness!

O_o...This is Sparta?

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Official now : Salon.com is full of idiots.

I won't link the story because I don't want anyone from my site clicking on that left-wing garbled mess. However, I will give you small snippets of exactly what Walter Shapiro was writing. The dudes a pure-bred weakling and in his small liberal utopic mind he actually believes that repealing the second amendment would stop shootings and incidents such as the Virginia Tech massacre.

Newsflash!: That would only effect law-abiding citizens. Not crazed out criminals who don't care about the law.

Virginia Tech was already a "Gun-Free Zone" and all that did was create an atmosphere where the citizens couldn't protect themselves from social deviants who haven't a care about the constitution or our country's laws, but it's hard nowadays to get people to understand that illegal aliens are actually doing something illegal. So, it comes as no surprise that another liberal tosses common sense out the window and vomits idiocy from the mouth.

Despite a decade-long string of such political victories, the NRA still revels in the apocalyptic imagery of liberal jackboots trampling on the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of gun-loving patriots. After the Democrats took control of Congress last November, the NRA issued a brochure that began ominously, "Second Amendment freedom today stands naked in the path of a marching axis of adversaries far darker and more dangerous than gun owners have ever known."

Are they wrong? The NRA isn't just a bunch of gun-toting hicks who just wanna shot holes in things. These guys have been trying to protect a freedom that our very fore-fathers had set in place for a very darn good reason. Now, some 200+ years later a bunch of liberal moonbats want to come along and stomp all over that right and take it away? Why would they do that?

I'll tell you : Because in their utopian world guns don't exist.

To them Guns are the most dangerous object on the planet. Well, probably second in line behind consrvatives and christians, but you have to understand that they wish to get rid of all things that they fear. Why do they fear it? because they fear they might be wrong and their utopian paradise won't ever get created. Here's some more:

Looking at the Bill of Rights with more than two centuries' hindsight, it is simply irrational that firearms have a protected position on par with freedom of speech and religion. Were Americans -- liberal or conservative -- writing a Constitution completely from scratch today, they probably would agree that something akin to "freedom to drive" was more far important than the "right to bear arms." The rights of state militias (which many liberal legal theorists argue is the essence of the Second Amendment) are as much a throwback to an 18th century mind-set as restrictions on quartering soldiers in private homes during peacetime (the little-remembered Third Amendment).

Really? Is that so? Soooo...Shapiro thinks that people would say that the "Right to Drive" is more important than the "Right to Bear Arms"?


I guess one could argue that cars should be outlawed since they kill more more people in year (by large numbers) than guns do. But wait! you say.....Cars don't kill people...the people that drive them do. Sound familiar doesn't it? Cars are just as much a tool as guns are. When in the hands of responsible people and knowledgable law abiding citizens they are tools used for good. In the hands of bad people...they are used for evil.

When you remove the ability for the good to defend themselves against the evil.....you create a tip in the balance and evil begins to gain ground. Just as Cho gained enough time and ground to spend his spare time planning the most awful shooting crime in american history. Perhaps if a student or a teacher was carrying a gun and used it for good....perhaps we would have alot more of that potential back we lost that day.

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