June 21, 2007

Boy are their faces going to be red.....from frostbite.

Looks like scientists have asked us to prepare for something that might actually happen.

Except this time it involves something that actually determines temperature on the planet Earth : The Sun. I guess that big ball of light in the sky carries more weight than we do after all....but it doesn't have an SUV so who knows where these crazy solar scientists get their denier info.

Solar scientists predict that, by 2020, the sun will be starting into its weakest Schwabe solar cycle of the past two centuries, likely leading to unusually cool conditions on Earth. Beginning to plan for adaptation to such a cool period, one which may continue well beyond one 11-year cycle, as did the Little Ice Age, should be a priority for governments. It is global cooling, not warming, that is the major climate threat to the world, especially Canada. As a country at the northern limit to agriculture in the world, it would take very little cooling to destroy much of our food crops, while a warming would only require that we adopt farming techniques practiced to the south of us.

Oh, Ohhhhhh.

Well, im happy about this really. In fact im hoping to be able to break out my sled in the middle of june or something like that, and if it snows REALLY bad that year and stays there....well...then I might just have to start buying Penguins....for food obviously.

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June 20, 2007

The View or should I say "Three socialist douche-tools Vs. Star and Elizabeth"

Well, not really so much against Elizabeth, but you can tell when she starts talking they are hoping that she doesn't join Star in trying to corner Michael Moore on why his movie is a piece of crap.

As for his comments on the "Socialized Medicine should be called Christianized Medicine" let me clarify what Star was going to say before she was cut off by Barbara and then mocked by Joy "The only thing funny about me is my face." Bahar.

Her point was that Christians support helping others, but it should be an act of charity and not forced legislation. People should help others in a time of need, but it should be their choice to do so. Christianity is the epicenter of individualism and in it's practices, aside from fellowship during church services, it is always completely personal and between that one individual and God.

So, to hear Michael Moore use Christianity as a means of pushing forwards his Communist/Socialist agenda it just infuriates me.

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Here's my arm and that leg you wanted! Can I have my iPhone now?

Holy crap!

After going reading the price of what that little gem of technology is going to cost people my wallet screamed for me to just go ahead and kill it. Good news though! I'm not gonna fork over the cash for that astronomically priced piece of innovation.

Why? Because it isn't that great. To clarify lets go ahead and look at what the iPhone is exactly. Well, for starts it's a phone and a pretty snazzy looking one at that, and it's pretty much an iPod. It does have that nifty multi-touch control scheme and it uses the new Mac OS X, but other than that what else can it do? Well, to put it simply....nothing.

The iPhone is nothing more than a fancy iPod that can make phone calls, and lets not forget that your pumping in almost $2000 for a product that hasn't been rated yet. Is it reliable? Will it continuously drop calls? Will I have to pay for updates to the OS?

None of those questions have ever been answered, but Apple still expects people to rush out and sign on that dotted line for something thats just what we already have just wrapped up in a new pretty case.

However, the iPhone has pretty much everyone convinced it's the messiah of communication, so we'll just have to wait and see what it's sales are. If it DOES sell extremely well then I'm going to start questioning every gamers complaint that the Playstation 3 is too expensive. Considering the PS3 is a machine that can do way more on it's own than the iPhone can (considering the PS3 is infinitely less than the iPhone when compared to purchase and fees) it just wouldn't make sense to me that consumers would sink money in to a pit such as the iPhone while claiming that the entertainment center that is the Playstation is undeserving of the same profitable treatment.

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June 19, 2007

Robot Chicken Star Wars Parody

It's the Robot Chicken full feature that premiered on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Some of the skits had already been seen before (the W. Jedi skit for one) but the Star Wars skits are hilarious.

Update: Adultswim has moved the video from Super Deluxe to their homesite, but they forgot to put the embed code up. I'll change the video when I get the code.

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Hilarious : Temperature recording stations found to be effected by microsite growth.

You know those nifty temperature recording stations that are used to tell us if Global Warming is actually happening of not? Well, This site points out some of the issues regarding the upkeep of some of these stations.

As it turns out many of these stations were placed in some of the weirdest of places. Some are near airport tarmacs where all that asphalt is AND some are being subjected to Jet blast. Some are hanging out near Air conditioning vents (which blow hot air outside and cold air inside) and some are found right on top of asphalt.

Government regulations state that they are supposed to be like...100 feet from or so from any building and are required to be away from machinery and asphalt. Looks like some of these stations aren't following regulations, but they still report those altered temperature readings anyways.

The site uses charts from these stations to show the temp increase related to each station and the ones exposed to all of those heat causing elements show much higher readings than ones that are left out away from all of the interferences.

I wonder what Gorebot and his government buddies pushing all this Global Warming nonsense would say if someone brought all this up to light in a conference, but who am I kidding....no one would ever call em on it anyways.

Thanks goes to Neal Boortz for the link.

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Score!: Woman PWNS Islam

Arab Woman Takes On Muslim Cleric

Official Score : Free-thinking Woman - 1
                     Crazy Islam Cleric - 0

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June 18, 2007

NASCAR Vs. AT&T: round 1 - FIGHT!

This isn't really "zomg breaking!" news, but it is worth noting that AT&T is being a big ole douche-company lately.

Do I support corporate business? Yes. Do I support corporate business that uses contract loopholes as a means to force their business upon others? No.

AT&T has had a reputation lately for actively attacking it's competitors through, shall I say, less than desirable means. Example: AT&T has been pursuing areas which are primarily serviced by Comcast Cable, but instead of just offering their service at a reasonable price and letting their product do the selling they are instead pursuing legal action against Comcast and fellow cable providers claiming that Cable has been overpriced and has reached it's success through gouging customers.

AT&T is using the attack as a means of strangulating cable companies while promoting their own DSL and TV programming services. Many of their commercials aren't even hiding their goal at smearing their competition and using a type of vague mud-slinging to try and persuade customers away from Cable providers.

It's not illegal persay, but it is shallow and tactless. Now, they are doing the same thing with NASCAR and Nextel. AT&T knows that Nextel has a 10-year 700 million dollar contract with NASCAR, but they figured out that if they buy out a few companies perhaps they can weasel in a few promotions for themselves. Problem is....they can't really do that. The agreement was for -CINGULAR- and not AT&T, but because AT&T bought out Cingular they believe they can over-ride the grandfathering that NASCAR used to allow cingular to promote their product on Jeff Burton's car.

See? Legal loopholing seems so much fun!

It's identical to what they did with Bellsouth too. The Bellsouth market was primarily a phone company that was way way lower in the demographic as far as DSL and TV programming. Why? Because Cable is a superior service. I'm sure that's why I pay more, but as I stated above AT&T is using the buyout of Bellsouth to attack cable providers within those areas that dislike DSL service.

And so....it goes round and round again. instead of abiding by the rules and letting their product do the talking AT&T has asked the judicial branch of the government step in and try to handle things. That's probably why I don't have them for my phone service anymore.

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June 15, 2007

Microsoft Surface....again

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Fair to Midland - Kinda awesome

I'm a big rocker so when I came across this I knew I was going to have to post it to the Hammer. Sure, they are signed under Serje Tankian's label and HE IS a liberal douche. I'm also pretty sure that Fair to Midland is tuned in to his whole crazy mindset too, but despite their ignorant world and political views (assuming they side with Tankian) the music is pretty solid.

So, enjoy with a clear mind. Or something.

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Shocker: Angelina Jolie is a Hypocrite

Well, we already knew it but she's deciding that we didn't know it quite enough

Turns out that Mrs. Hot Body/Crazy Head was up for some interviews regarding the new film she is in titled "A Mighty Heart". The movie, ironically, is about Daniel Pearl who was a journalist who was beheaded back in 2002 Muslim terrorists. At the time Mr. Pearl was investigating the shoe bomber case and trying to follow the allegations that Al Qaeda had ties with the Pakitstani ISI.

I'm assuming that the point of that film is that this mans diligence to find the truth in any circumstance is the basis behind freedom of press. However, Ms. Jolie, who plays the part of Pearl's widow in the movie, decided she wanted to censor all of her interviews and then threaten the news outlets with legal action if they did not meet her demands.

She didn't get her interviews suffice to say.

Then, as if that wasn't enough, she wanted FOX news banned from covering any of the red carpet hooplah on the opening night of "A Mighty Heart". Yeah, that sure sounds like she's been all for that freedom of press thing. However, i'm sure that most people will let it go cause 1) Angelina Jolie is a beautiful woman 2) she has money and 3) She used to carry vials of blood around her neck, and anyone will tell you that you just don't mess with those kinds of people.

At least I think that's how it goes...anyways if there is one thing we can all agree one it's this: Angelina Jolie needs to shut up and just continue to make movies where she can take advantage of her one good asset -  Her figure.

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June 06, 2007

Another reason why the borders need to be closed.

Terrorists use Mexico to enter the US

At least that's what the story is alluding too. If the President really wishes to secure this country from invaders or terrorism, and he has constantly stood on television and assured us that does, then why hasn't he taken the steps nescessary to close down and secure the border with the use of a physical and virtual fence. We have the technology and we surely have the manpower here in the country (of legal citizens) to build the wall and secure out borders.

Come on "El Presidente" your base has already abandoned you, so why not just do something that will gain all that favor that you've lost from just about everyone. Here's an idea.....don't pass this bogus immigration bill.

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Hey! It's the anniversary of D-Day.

How many people remembered that? How many people remembered that American and allied forces crossed the channel and stormed the beaches of Normandy 63 years ago?

Well, if you came from a public school you probably dont even care or probably didnt even know that today was the anniversary of D-Day considering public schools nowadays refuse to educate the young ones in history that actually matters.

Yup, happened on this day 63 years ago. Also, FDR was asking the american people to join him in prayer during his radio address. Prayer? How long has it been since a president or public political figure led or was present during a prayer? Yeah....long long time.

I guess America's different now, but at least some of us remember the strength, sacrifice, and faith that our country once held so dearly.

If you read this and get the time today....just think for a moment and reflect upon the memory of those who died and gave it all on this day.

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June 05, 2007

Gitmo detainee's win cases?

Wow, it's so comforting to know that men who are known Al Aqeda sympathizers, murderers of US troops, and terrorists can get a fair shake from the government they wish to destroy.

I really can't comment on this considering that if I try to type it all out without exploding with anger the computer screen will explode because I will have hated it to death.

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Neal Boortz : Love ya, but your waaaay off.

Ok, I will admit first off that i am a huge Neal Boortz fan, and if nobody has ever listened to his radio show I highly recommend it. Neal is a libertarian, but unlike his spineless brothers who care nothing about the safety of this country he is quite conservative. In fact....he is conservative on just about every economic and social issue....except Abortion.

Neal Boortz does not take questions, arguements, emails, or any discussion on his talk show that has to do with Abortion. The reason? Because he supports the act of abortion and sees every arguement against it as illogical and idiotic. In fact....he believes that people who have those "pro-life" stickers on their cars are contributing to the downfall of the right of freedom, but i'll save that discussion for another time.

Where do I think Neal is way off base on his arguements? He believes that pro-lifers are forcing to have children that they do not want. In some zealotous cases this is true, but not in any way the mainstream of people who oppose abortion. It could be logically argued that the women in question actually DO want the children that they are carrying because:

1) The woman participated in consentual sexual activity.
2) She made the active decision to pursue sexual gratification with a mate
3) She did not take the active procedures to help prevent pregnancy such as the numerous contraceptives available to the open public.

However, that is all common sense and you just can't argue against it. So, where does that leave me? Well....I am not nescessarily pro-choice or pro-life, but I fall in to the crack of reason and have ended up in this "Pro-Option" catagory. In fact, most people fall in to this catagory, but the rampant raging pro-abortion crowd fights tooth and nail for that holy rite and refuses to hear any arguement against it.

What do the Pro-Option crowds suggest? Well, for one....we suggest that if you don't want children then you should either 1) not engage in sexual activity unless you are prepared to face the fact that you might get pregnant, 2) actively pursue other options that don't result in the loss of human life such as Adoption, and 3) take steps to prevent pregnancy such as taking a contraceptive and being smart minded about how you use your body. It's not a difficult thing to do really.

Neal also thinks that the "Anti-Choice" crowd (who aren't really anti-choice, but are in fact anti-abortion.) are mostly men who are just using their patriarchal tyranny (sarcasm) to keep their control on women. You know....I would believe that but that doesnt make sense considering there are more single mothers than single fathers. So, I would assume that men would be the ones who would be MORE likely to favor anything that would remove the "burden" of children. Neal has done his homework, so i'll just take his word for it.

It's not that men wish to control women in regards to child birth. It actually comes down to the idea of ownership. I understand the idea of "it's my body" but the actual truth of the matter is that it's not a womans body that anti-abortionists have an issue with. It's the child that grows within. The fathers are more than just donors and should be treated as such. Did the woman asexually produce this child automatically? No, both parties contributed, so it is common knowledge to take in the consideration of the fathers wishes as well.

Now, there are always exceptions to the rule. Rape, Severe physical/mental illness and deformaties, and a pregnancy that may threaten the life of the mothers. I know how most people feel about these subjects and, personally, I would not be viewed as the most conservative individual in terms of anti-abortion when in regards to thsoe situations. Example: I would choose to save the mother over the child in terms of troubled pregnangy or birth.

Well, Neal's still a great host, and i'm still a big fan. I just think he was way off in calling the lot of us who are actively pro-abortion (especially partial birth) as contributers to the downfall of individual freedom, and basically calling men controlling patriarchs was just way way way off base.

There are -options- available other than Abortion, so I believe that those options should be actively pursued before any consideration of abortion.

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June 01, 2007

Idiot of the Day : Jordin Sparks

In a recent interview she admitted that she was a big Sanjaya malakar fan. Now that this little nugget of information was released all I can say is "Good Job America". Apparently the voting crowd couldn't get Sanjaya to the end, but at least they got his biggest fan....next to that crying little girl.

Is this the kind of inspiration that we need flowing through the minds of our "American Idols"? If she is a fan of Sanjaya then that obviously means that she has no taste in music or singing prowess whatsoever. Even if she was joking...she still now has Sanjaya taint. I can't wait to see what craptastic music she'll make now. Thanks alot AI...I want my ten weeks back.

P.S. - I personally blame Joe Perry for this revelation in Jordin's interview. Joe was within punching distance and didn't even take a swing at the talentless hack while he was dancing in his personal space. He could have at least hit him with his guitar or something.....

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