May 15, 2007

Barack Obama is a Communist?

He very well might be!

In a recent comment he made during this circus of a primary he claimed that the Tax cuts that the Bush administration should be rolled back. Well, all of the dems have said it but Barack decided to add a little bit more flavor to win some points in the polls against Hillary.

He said (Paraphrasing here) that "It's OK to roll back the tax cuts on the rich people because they dont need it."

Wait? Where have I heard that before? "From each according to their ability, to each according to their need." Ohh, thats right! That was the basic tenet to the Communist agenda written in the Communist Manifesto. Most Democratic voters are ignorant and will probably think that shaving off the earnings of people who actually work and giving it to the "Less-fortunate" is appropriate for a government action, but allow me to explain NOT ok.

This is just another blatent attack on Capitalism and how "unfair" it is. So, instead of letting the free market decide who wins and who loses in the pursuit of happiness the Dems want the government to step in and start regulating what people need in regarding to money? Nonsense! The rich got that way by working hard or creating a new type of innovative product and the government and/or poor do not deserve a penny of that type of success.

Anyways, Obama is just showing his anti-capitalist side and hopefully the republicans can find a suitable candidate who can smash these Socialist/Communist liberals before they destroy this country.

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1 Big clue. He is in the democrat party.

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