June 27, 2007

Educated Opinion

Today I'm just going to share an opinion that I have which has been fueled by something that I heard on the Neal Boortz show. Basically Neal's rant consisted of a study that he had heard claims that Sexual orientation is as natural as a person's walk.

His conclusion? That sexual orientation is not changeable.

A conclusion I call a bluff on. Why? Well, because I'm not stupid enough to think that anything a person does is beyond their control. There is NO performable act that cannot be stopped and there is no way of thinking that cannot be altered. Mentally insane and Mentally retarded people do not count. Why? Because their problem is that they cannot stop, but they do not understand basic rules any longer. They do not know any better.

Any man or woman controls who they have sexual interaction with. Just as any man or woman can control if they wish to steal from someone, or assault someone, or even murder someone. If one type of deviant behavior (call me a homophobe if you want but by even liberal's oh so great "evolutionary theory" it would be considered a deviant mutation.) is being accepted then what is to stop all types of deviant behavior from being accepted as natural.

Perhaps natives of the Arabian peninsula are genetically predisposed to suicide and rage? Perhaps serial killers are just genetically predisposed to committing heinous acts of disaster against other human beings? I guess the insanity of men/women trying to copulate with animals is acceptable behavior as well?

Obviously, the only sane answer to all of those questions is "No, those people can control what they do", so why does Homosexuality and Bisexuality get a pass? Because it is agenda driven. The Homosexual crowd thrives on the notion that they might be able to formulate an excuse for their actions. Despite the fact that there has been no corralation between genetics AND homosexuality in any scientific experiment the left will continue claiming otherwise.

Dostoevsky made a wonderful comment that rings terrifyingly true. His words: "If God is dead, then all things are permissible" speaks of a terrible truth in today's modern world where morality and self-control are scorned and instead a society of excuses and carnal attributes reside.

Ed. Note - In writing this I only have one apology to make. Not to the people whom it might offend, for it is my observation and we are all entitled to that. However, I will apologize for the intense heavy nature of my post. I am usually not so humorless and callous, but when ignorance is being passed off as science I must step in and try to correct the damage that it does.

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