June 20, 2007

Here's my arm and that leg you wanted! Can I have my iPhone now?

Holy crap!

After going reading the price of what that little gem of technology is going to cost people my wallet screamed for me to just go ahead and kill it. Good news though! I'm not gonna fork over the cash for that astronomically priced piece of innovation.

Why? Because it isn't that great. To clarify lets go ahead and look at what the iPhone is exactly. Well, for starts it's a phone and a pretty snazzy looking one at that, and it's pretty much an iPod. It does have that nifty multi-touch control scheme and it uses the new Mac OS X, but other than that what else can it do? Well, to put it simply....nothing.

The iPhone is nothing more than a fancy iPod that can make phone calls, and lets not forget that your pumping in almost $2000 for a product that hasn't been rated yet. Is it reliable? Will it continuously drop calls? Will I have to pay for updates to the OS?

None of those questions have ever been answered, but Apple still expects people to rush out and sign on that dotted line for something thats just what we already have just wrapped up in a new pretty case.

However, the iPhone has pretty much everyone convinced it's the messiah of communication, so we'll just have to wait and see what it's sales are. If it DOES sell extremely well then I'm going to start questioning every gamers complaint that the Playstation 3 is too expensive. Considering the PS3 is a machine that can do way more on it's own than the iPhone can (considering the PS3 is infinitely less than the iPhone when compared to purchase and fees) it just wouldn't make sense to me that consumers would sink money in to a pit such as the iPhone while claiming that the entertainment center that is the Playstation is undeserving of the same profitable treatment.

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