July 13, 2007

Gaming - Microsoft admits all 11.6 Xbox 360's sold are defective

Wow, I guess jumping the gun by a year really came back to bite them didn't it.

I refuse to verbally berate MS for making a shoddy product, but I will say that karma is a...well...you know. I remember the holiday season back when the 360 first appeared and going in to my local gaming stores and having every pimple-faced clerk try and sell me one of them. Posters everywhere stating "The NEW King is here" and "Welcome to the Real Next Generation" were starnig me right in the face just assuring me that the 360 was indeed "the next best thing".

Boy, that was the best 400 bucks I never spent.

Software giant admits there are 11.6 million faulty consoles, which it will have to fix.

Microsoft has admitted that every one of the 11.6 million Xbox 360 consoles sold in the past 19 months suffers from a design flaw that could cause the device to fail. 

The firm will extend the warranty coverage from one to three years to compensate consumers, but does not plan to instate a recall or exchange program.


Now, I can't be totally biased against the 360. It does have some amazing games that it can boast about, but you know.....if your system has more down time than game time then it really isn't worth the money. Besides, my disdain towards the system doesn't stem from the box itself, but mainly from their douche-hole executive team.

Sorry, but when I hear megalomaniac comments like "I won't be happy until I have Ken Kutaragi's* letter of resignation framed on my desk." I just think to myself wow, these guys are a bunch of pricks.

Not to mention that MS isn't even going to implement an exchange or recall program. So, that basically means that if it's broke it's staying broke and if yours dies then you don't get a shiny new one.....your still getting one of the refurbished ones, and there isn't any guarantee that it wont die either. Microsoft never was a company that had the good reputation of ever fessing up that they screwed over people or taking steps towards compensating customers who have the woe of being a victim to hardware/software failure.

So, for me.....I guess i'll just stick to buying a Wii and a PS3.

Sorta Related: Microsoft has to fix a bunch of bugs from Windows Server.

Turns out that IBM found a nasty hole in the system where a hacker could just waltz the heck up in your server and own your system. 8 critical security measures not being met. At this rate I might be tempted to buy a Mac.

Or not.

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