May 08, 2007

Conservatism wins! France?

Well, not really. It is true that Nicolas Sarkozy won the Presidential Election in France AND it is also true that he isn't some ignorant socialist like his opponent Hillary Clin- *ahem* I mean Ségolène Royal.

The guy has been an opponent to the War in Iraq, but has stated that he found Chirac's and Villepin's criticism a bit disconcerting. The guy isn't a 100% true conservative, but he is leaps and bounds better than his predecessor and his opponents were. I mean...the guy advocates the practice of economic freedom and wishes to base a new French economic structure on the American and British standards.

It's not exactly Capitalism since it still involves the government stepping in at times, but it's a step in the right direction. It's good to see the French elect someone who isn't so hard-left for once.

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