July 23, 2007

Daily Kos - Trying to cover up their tracks.

The crazy Kos Kids are scrambling around trying to delete a post that seriously shines a light on just how much the liberal left hates the military. Why are known anti-war enthusiasts trying to delete an Anti-military message?

Because they still have to keep up the lie that they "support the troops"

I mean, they obviously don't support them and they will fabricate anything they can to try and damn them, but they have to at least "appear" as if they support them on the outside.

I'm joining the ranks of Ace, LGF, and others to keep the left from hiding this awful post.

The link above links to a screencap of the In Cold Blog's exact post of the same story that Daily Kos put up. "In Clod Blog" has also tried to hide the original post but thanks to my blogger in arms we have captured and saved a screen cap.

Here is Google's cached version: I guess that the Kos kids didn't figure that LGF would get ahold of this.

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