May 05, 2007

Dems still sneaky as ever, Bush keeps his pimp hand strong

Well, it's not much of a story but it shows that President Bush has just about had it with the idiocy from the Democrats in congress. In lieu of the constant rantings from Harry Reid in the past few weeks about that decision of the Supreme Court concerning Abortion, President Bush has sent a pre-emptive letter, if you will, to the Democrats warning them not to try and sneak in amendments that would weaken the current abortion laws.

Basically, He's going to veto anything that they sneak in to the bills coming up to be debated on if it contains amendments that would make Abortion more accessible, funding it with public money, or weaken the restrictions on Abortion.

Good for him. It's a good step in the right direction and being Anti-Abortion myself I applaud him on it.

Dems need to quit trying to play the political game and go ahead and write that check so the Troops can get their funding. Bush isn't backing down from this fight and the Left needs to understand that.

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