June 29, 2007

Fox News Bashes Evan Almighty - But Why?

Well, it has to do with the fact that most of it's attempts at reaching a Christian audience are being seen as "failures".

However, being a Church-goin' fella myself I have to say that I haven't really looked at Evan Almighty as either "trying to pander to the religious crowd" nor a mockery of the tales of the Bible.

It does have some misguided areas like claiming that God is more interested with random acts of kindness more than salvation and the removal of Sin, but I don't think that Hollywood was trying to rewrite the Dogma here. I just think they were wanting to make a film that anyone could be entertained with and they used a topic that wasn't threatening or offensive (unless your an atheist and in that case you always offended so get over it) to the majority of people who are movie goers anyways.

Besides, the writer calls the movie a "bomb" but it WAS number one at the box office and it's only been out at the box office for a single weekend. Hardly a bomb.

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