July 17, 2007

Gaming - 60GB will be available for months

I'm glad that an executive from the AMERICAN market is finally saying something about the Price drop.

I didn't think it was a scam as many people were jumping to the conclusion. It's just a restocking method so they can send out a new SKU. Sure, the new SKU will be the "old" price but your getting wireless built in, 20GB extra storage, Six-Axis, and this one actually comes with a game: Motorstorm. Oh, and a high-def Blu-Ray movie player.

Sooo...let's do some price figuring here.

PS3 80GB SKU with Motorstorm = $599
Wireless Controls = Included in price
Blu-Ray Movie player = Included in price
Motorstorm = Included in price
1080P HD AV output = Included in price
Free Online Service/PSN = Included in price
Bluetooth = Included in price
Wi-Fi networking = Included in price

Wow, get alot of bang for your buck. Let's look at the Xbox 360 and their new hot topic the Elite.

Xbox 360 Elite 120GB SKU = $475
Wireless Adaptor = $100
HD-DVD Add-on = $175
Games = $49.99 Dead Rising (Used - Added this to the list cause it's good)
Xbox Live Gold membership - $50.00 (plus later monthly fees)
Customizable face plates - $20.00 (awesome but expensive)
Does not have Wi-Fi
Does not offer HD-DVD playback without add-on

Sooo...lets do the math shall we?
PS3 - $599 (plus tax) for a complete media system that comes with a game and extra memory. Rumored: To have included rumble with it as well.

360 - $870 (plus tax) if you wanted to use have all that stuff the PS3 has and a faceplate. Except you'd still be paying for the internet service on the Xbox whereas the PS3 is still free.

Wii - Still the cheapest system out there and has some really awesome gadgets that you can get with it. Weak graphical and internal system holds it back as far as "next-gen" games go, but it's still fun. Sure, it'll miss out on games like Halo 3, God of War 3, Heavenly Sword, little big Planet, Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon, Final Fantasy XIII, Metal Gear Solid 4, etc etc etc.

But hey...at least you Wii owners get Beautiful Katamari. As a PS2 owner and PS3 advocate I will surely miss buying Namco-Bandai games  (especially Katamari) at least until they stop playing dirty business.

Anyways, you can see who is going to cost who more. 600 bucks for a loaded down system that comes with a game, or 870 bucks for a watered down system, a bunch of add ons you have to buy, and then you can finally get your game and get online.

Biased? No

I just let my wallet do the talking.

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