July 17, 2007

I know why Michael Moore wants free-healthcare

I know why he is so passionate about Free Health-care. Obviously it's because he is morbidly obese and his mental stability is deteriorating at such a rate that it can no longer be calculated...not even by supercomputers. I just wonder what his own personal bills and costs to the Health-care are. I'm sure his inevitable heart attack or stroke from to much cholesterol has him worried.

I still have to point out that he is still wrong in his assumptions about how Medicare and Medicaid are wonderful programs and work brilliantly. I married a Doctor so I know for a fact that they hate Medicaid patients. Why? It's not because they don't get paid, but because the amount of mandated time the government program allows is severely limited and only pays for so much. Whereas a privately owned and paid for plan will cover just about anything (obviously as long as you have the money) the government program will severely cripple diagnosis, prognosis, therapy, and rehabilitation time.

It uses a god-awful point system to appoint how much time is allowed. Kinda like those character status points you get to distribute when you level up your character in an MMORPG game, and just like in a game....you can run out of points.

Except this isn't a game were talking about....it's your own personal Healthcare. I'm sure Michael Moore doesn't like people talking about all the people dying in Canada while still waiting for their appointments or treatments, or the fact that Canadians actually come across the border to have their Health needs handled by private doctors in America. Oh no....he wouldn't dare say that.

That wouldn't help his morbidly obese ego.

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