May 08, 2007

Illegal Aliens causing new Migratory patterns?

Yeah, but in people.

Turns out that the coastal cities and border cities are experiencing a dramatic shift in population and demographic change. Why? Because of all those "immigrants" moving in. Actually, the writer bounces all around the opportunity to call them what they really are (illegal aliens) but he does point out that the constant influx of people are sending the current inhabitants running for the hills.


The colored picture (graph?) included in the story is hilarious and yet accurate in it's description. Wherever immigrant populations are starting to increase, so goes the current population fleeing the influx towards the middle of the country. We're not running out of room here.....we just wish the people coming in (the illegal ones) would not come in at all. That way our property values wouldn't plummet and our neighbors would all still speak a language we could all understand.

Oh, well. Read the story....the writer is quite a bit more elloquint than I am.

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