July 16, 2007

N. Korea has shut down Nuclear Reactor

We've been down this road before, but maybe now it will stay down.


I'm sorry if I seem a little wary to believe that N. Korea is completely denuclearizing, but we've heard this all before. They claim to do something, then a few months later it turns out they were just lying and trying to find a back door method to getting around the nuclear watchdogs.

Personally, I hope it's true and the Gargoyle (read: Kim Jong Il) has lost his sole reactor and ability to enrich uranium. I really hope that he is finally complying with the UN's demands and is trying to NOT be a thorn anymore. However, I just don't feel totally convinced. Either way.....everyone will still be keeping an eye on him regardless.

Now, if we could just get Iran to behave everything would be alllll gooood. However, I doubt the same methods work on crazy muslims than the ones that work on narcissistic-yet-very-tiny wannabe dictators.

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