June 26, 2007

Retarded idea of the Month : Doritos the Game

Well, it might not actually turn out to be a game involving actual doritos, but after the dismal product placement that Burger King had with the Xbox 360 I just see this ending up one of the most horrible public stunts ever.

Doritos justifies this atrocity by saying their product is an "Intense experience"

Now, I have never ate a dorito and said "Holy crap! That experience was so FREAKIN INTENSE!" unless you count the time I ate a whole bag of Fiery Habanero doritos and I didn't have a drink handy to quell the angry heat that was burning within my mouth. I have not done that since, for my friend offered me this bit of wisdom: "Why would you want to eat something that hurts you?"


Now, they do offer some pretty cool prizes for the people who win, but even if you won would you really want to make this game? and actually play it? No, you probably wouldn't, and lets be honest.....unless they make a surfing game where you ride on different flavors of Dorito's it's going to be the most awful thing ever. Don't think about stealing that because I've already submitted it as an idea to the contest.

Why would I participate in a contest which I abhor? Because it's got free stuff to give away and I'm all about free stuff yo. Plus, if I do win something I'll just sell it to get a Playstation 3.

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