July 21, 2007

The story calls it Anti-Semitism in Great Britain

I call it Islam in Great Britain

Am I wrong? Well, lets check Islam's track record:

1) Stole the lands of Israel away from the Jewish nation claiming it as their own while murdering uncountable numbers of Israelites while stealing the holyland.

2) Walk around all day (not working obviously) screaming about how they hate jews and wish Israel was destroyed.

3) Farfour the mouse - Need I say more?

4) Ahmadenijinejidehad - of whatever his name is. President of Iran and lapdog to the Imam's of his country. Wishes Jews were dead and denies the holocaust.

5) The Ayatollah - How much money you wanna bet that every night they shake their fists towards israel and say "JOOOOOO"S!"

Ok, I added that last one in there for comedy but im willing to bet, in part, that im not entirely inaccurate about that one. European nations (G.B. France, Spain especially) have had a huge influx of Muslim immigrants and AS IF BY MAGIC violence towards the jewish population in those areas spikes drastically.

Coincidence you say? Not I! I think that the muslim immigrants seek out the jewish population (which I must point out do not have a habit of setting fire to things.....unlike muslims) and begin attacking them outright and then claiming they did it for Allah's sake. Of course, Britain will continue to ignore the problem as it gtes worse and hope it goes away, but I guess when the Islamic Caliphate comes knocking on their door one day they'll think back and say:

"DANG! We totally should have help out ole' W. in turning the Middle East in to a calm and peaceful place that holds some sort of non-extremist views.....or at least in to a large parking lot"

I'm sure they wont have time to actually say that as the Muslim hoarde breaks down the doors, but im sure they'll definately be thinking it.

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